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Here are some of the latest creations from the studio!

NOTE: Please click on photos for larger images.  Use your "back" button on the browser to return to this page!

These pieces include not only glass, but some contain Cubic Zirconia jewels inserted for additional "flare"


dsc00183s.jpg (309157 bytes)       dsc00193s.jpg (349871 bytes)     dsc00195s.jpg (358849 bytes)   


These are examples of pieces with additional wire work and beading


dsc00200s.jpg (297779 bytes)     dsc00201s.jpg (307784 bytes)


Here is a new design I am working with that includes the use of Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) to enhance the glass centerpiece


dsc00186s.jpg (285371 bytes)


And here is a watch (with real Tuquoise face), where I created the band using PMC. 

DSC03959s.jpg (361293 bytes)    DSC03967s.jpg (377486 bytes)